Emilee is 4 - Finally!

Emilee has been planning her birthday for about a year - I am so glad it is finally here! She is so much fun to be around. She is developing her little personality and loves giving hugs. She loves horses, shoes, and everything else her brothers and sister are doing.


Taylor is 6, in 1st grade, and is such a fun kid. He is up for anything and loves to be your best friend. He plays up on Andrew's soccer team and is awesome! He plays football and loves to spend the rest of his time with his little sister. He is so sweet and obedient and always wants me to be happy.

Awesome Andrew

Andrew is 8! He and Jeremy went to Utah for General Conference in Oct. and had a blast in the mountains.

Andrew is a sweet funny kid who loves to laugh and tell stories. He is in 2nd grade and plays soccer and football with his brother. He is an awesome quarterback and just started cub scouts.

What's Ashlee up to?

Ashlee is the most amazing daughter anyone could ask for. She is wise beyond her years, and so much fun to be with. She is 10 yrs. old in the 5th grade and rules the school.

She is on the Division 1 Dynamo Jr. Soccer team and just made the select Basketball Team. She is such a sweet person to be with and her siblings adore her.


We spent about 7 weeks on the road in an RV this summer - we traveled all over, spending most of our time fishing in Montana. We spent some time in Logan, UT with Great Grandma Anderson and met our new cousin in Colorado.

Ashlee and the Appendix...

Ok - don't ever want to do this one again!

We arrived home from Cancun early Sunday morning and were all a bit jet-lagged the next day. We were all feeling a bit sick and tired from our week of fun in Mexico. Monday Jeremy headed off to New Mexico for his yearly High Adventure with the boys from church and I began to unpack and get ready for Taylor's Birthday party. Ashlee told me her tummy hurt and I told her to take it easy and rest. She was up sick that night and threw up. We figured she had the flu or a bug from Mexico. Several other family members were ill as well with cramping and sick tummies. By Tuesday evening she was feeling much worse. I told her she needed to keep some fluids and food down or I would need to take her to the doctor to get some fluids. She had no luck and Wednesday afternoon everything seemed to get amplified - more pain, more dehydration, more lethargic, so I took her to our local urgent care and was told to take her into the Children's Hospital for more testing....sure enough her appendix had ruptured - I was so shocked! They took her right into surgery and Jeremy began to drive home from New Mexico. She had to stay in the Hospital for 5 days and have an in-home IV for 10 more. But... she is doing great now and I have now become an overly paranoid mother when I hear, "Mom, my tummy hurts"

Whew! It's been too long!

Yes we are still here. I am not much of a blogger, but I know the grandmas love it and so does my hubby, so I thought I would update a bit.

I thought I would start with what we did over the summer and get y'all caught up.

First, we went to beautiful Cancun, Mexico - it was so beautiful, the kids had so much fun and we had some much needed relaxation.